Query String Variables

Loading Specific Patterns

The query string to directly load a pattern follows the format of p=[patternType]-[patternName]. For example, if you wanted to link to the templates-article pattern, add the following after the hostname and port in the URL:


Setting the Viewport Width

You can load a specific viewport width by using the w query string variable. For example, to set the viewport width to 320px/20em:


It works in conjuction with the p query string variable as follows:


Opening the Annotations Viewer

These will load the page with the Annotations Viewer open:


You can also have the Annotations Viewer scroll to a particular item by adding the query string variable number. To scroll to the fifth annotation, enter the following:


Opening the Code Viewer

These will load the page with the Code Viewer open:


Load Page in Grow Mode

These will load the page in Grow mode:


Click the Grow button or a preset viewport size to exit Grow mode. You can also just wait for Grow mode to finish.