Requerio Inspector

The Code Viewer also has a Requerio Inspector. Requerio is a tool you can use to manage the state of your web application. HTML elements given state are referred to as "organisms". In order to view their states, Requerio and its organisms need to be initialized as per the Requerio docs. It is necessary to define window.requerio in order for the Requerio Inspector to work, as per the following code example:

const requerio = window.requerio = new Requerio($, Redux, $organisms);

A properly working Requerio app will then have its organisms and their states show up in the Requerio Inspector like an expandable menu, the state tree. Hovering over the state tree should highlight the organism being inspected. (It may be necessary to give the organisms a CSS background-color in order for the highlighting to work.) The display of the states will update in real-time, should there be any changes to the organisms. You can even dispatch changes ("actions") to the organisms via your browser's Developer Tools: